The Creative Coding Camp is a weekend of the three c’s: code, creativity, and community, where participants get to work within the overarching theme Off The Grid. Like traditional summer camps, you’ll be staying in bunk beds and making food together, but perhaps untraditionally also working on digital research and creative coding projects.

The three challenges will be loosely split within the three sub-topics of Off the Grid, namely:

We intend the weekend to be a space for collaboration and community - you will be working in groups to creatively explore each topic, as well as eating and sleeping together.


Dates: Friday 26 May to Sunday 28 May

Location: Blackland Farm in Sussex, UK

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CURSOR values and code of conduct

Questions: [email protected]




Brin (he/him)

Brin Žvan (he/him - 1998) is a game maker from Slovenia who holds a MSc from the IT University of Copenhagen. His works deal with the aesthetic of kinaesthetics or trying to push the boundaries of interaction. His most recent game, Presenter Slides ™️, ships on a poorly produced CD and has been nominated for Best Student Game at the Independent Games Festival.


Cai (they/them)

CAI is an artist, designer, and researcher working at the intersection of post-human pedagogy, vernacular digital aesthetics, and practice as social justice. They also have 10+ years of industry experience in branding design and brand strategy. They never pass an opportunity to stroke a pet (with the pet’s consent, obviously).



Finn Weaver

Finn Weaver (they/them) is a graphic designer based in London whose work (currently) focuses on queer collaborative practices, archiving and creating tactile experiences to connect trans histories. With a focus on open source and non-hierarchical processes, their work spans digital and physical mediums in exploring interface as existing on, off and between screens. They’ve worked in facilitation and teaching for 5+ years and use connection and exchange as key in creative process.


Louis Alderson-Bythell (LAB)

LAB is a visual artist, curious about the ways we relate to nature through scientific, social and spiritual lenses. Primarily working in Sculpture; biological intelligences, deep time and environmental/material plasticity are potent references in their work.

LAB and Greg will do a workshop together.



Greg Swan

Greg Orrom-Swan is an artist, designer, and lecturer who looks at how ancient geology and current biology intersect, at both systemic and microscopic scales. Working across installation, digital and new media, and experiential art, applying a molecular gaze, aiming to highlight how humans are not separate from the living world, but both distinct and similar to the nonhuman parts of our world.



Arda Awais and Savena Surana

Identity 2.0 is a creative studio operating at the intersection of digital rights, technology and identity. It is co-founded by two award-winning creatives - Arda Awais and Savena Surana. Since 2018, they have created artistic experiences which explore what it means to exist online.

Your Creative Coding Camp Counsellors


Anna (she/her)

Hi! My name is Anna (she/her) and I am the main lead for the Creative Coding Camp and one of the co-founders of CURSOR! I am currently based in London where I work as a programme coordinator, but soon returning to my studies in Social Data Science in Copenhagen. My background is in Digital Media and Sociology, and I’m interested in network studies and identity & social interactions online. I love watching films, reading books (especially non-fiction and sci-fi), and occasionally embroider.

[email protected]


Maya (they/them)

My name is Maya (they/them) and I’m co-founder and editorial lead at CURSOR. I live in Copenhagen where I spend most of my time as a grad student studying Social Data Science. I have a background in Psychology and Gender & Sexuality studies and I’m interested in further exploring topics within feminist STS, such as technology’s effect on our development of self and biohacking as queer futurity. In my freetime, I love to cook something new, read, and go for walks + catch up with my long-distance friends on the phone.

[email protected]


Laura (she/her)

Hi! I’m Laura (she/her), assistant camp counsellor at the camp. Originally from Lithuania, I’m based in Copenhagen where I’m in grad school studying social data science (same as Anna & Maya!). My background is broadly in social sciences and my interests include datafication (especially in the wellness industry), sociological dissections of beauty, fashion, and internet pop culture. I enjoy developing new recipes and cooking for others, growing microgreens, and making memes😌


Online: Sunday 21 May

Two online workshops by Cai and Brin with an introduction to the camp.

Day 1: Friday 26 May

This day is optional.

5pm: Arrival and getting to know each other from 5pm onwards. We will coordinate arrival times with you once all participants are registered.

We will make and have dinner, set up beds, and chill.

Day 2: Saturday 27 May

9am: Anna and Maya from CURSOR will provide a welcome and a brief introduction to CURSOR and the weekend over breakfast.

10-3pm: Workshops (with breaks!)

The afternoon and evening will be spent on brainstorming and starting your project.

Day 3: Sunday 28 May

We finish up projects Sunday morning.

11am: Presenting projects during lunch/brunch

12pm-1pm: Tidying and cleaning the space. Goodbye!

After the camp

We’re excited to meet you all, and hope you want to stay in touch after the camp. Documentation of the camp and contributions will be part of the next issue of Off the Grid, which will be in print circa July. We do not make any profit off magazines, and all participants will get a copy.

The venue

No Off the Grid theme without going (or pretending to) off the grid ourselves.

Blacklands Farm is a Girlguiding Farm and activity centre in East Grinstead, Sussex. The lodge we will be staying at has two separate common rooms and six bedrooms with bunkbeds. You can find more information on the venue here.

The lodge has a big kitchen where we will be making meals together, as well as plenty of outdoor space for when you get tired of the screen or need a bit of inspiration.


Readings, resources, inspiration



GAME MAKING 4 MORTALS (brins notion page)